You can buy a women many types of flowers, but in the end like the song says, a rose is still a rose in a women’s life. And if that women is the women with wich you plan builiding a house and a family then you may try buying her roses that grow along with your relationship.

And for that can be your best adviser and provider. You can find on their site any type of garden roses you want: french, german and even english. You can find roses to plant in the garden, beautiful climbing roses if you plan making her a back yard full of flowers.


Gardening is cosidered a good couple therapy. Today, when we are so full of stress with work, kids and every day life we need a moment to spend with our partener, a moment to bound, to talk, and to feel close to eachother. The way the rose garden regenerate from year to year is the way you couple relationship regenerates every day by couple gardening is what specialists say.

Gardening is a sensory experience. Combing that with the sweet parfume and the romance, a rose can give you it’s the perfect couple activity to spend time with beside dancing and making love.

You don’t have to be an expert to build a rose garden, you just need a sunny back yard and a lot of determination. Test the soil to see if it needs improvements and then start looking for the perfect rose to plant there. It is very important to select the rose that adapts to where you are leaving because there are so many beautiful temptations, but you want as well a rose that survives winter and cold weather as well.

If you don’t leave in a house with a yard where you can plant beautiful roses for her at every anniversary as a rimender of your love, you can plant her roses in pots so you can give her o romantic view on the balcony of the apartment.